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     1= ISPManCCP - ISPMan Customer Control Panel = 
     3ISPManCCP is in active development. 
     7Current features 
     9**Disallow changes by Locked domains.** 
     11**Change Domain Password:** 
     13- Enforce passwords with a minimum six char's length(*configurable*); 
     14- Enforce at least two numbers in the password(*configurable*); 
     15- Make sure a user is not using a word from a dictionary(*words file can be 
     16  setup, for example, the cracklib file*); 
     18**Edit User Accounts:** 
     20- No remote mail aliases are allowed, ie, only aliases for the same domain; 
     21- Email forwards are checked for valid DNS MX records; 
     22- No underscores nor numbers are allowed for first and last names; 
     23- Change mail quota; 
     24- Change FTP quota and status; 
     26**Delete User Accounts.** 
     28**Create User Accounts:** 
     30- Makes sure a domain can create any more accounts; 
     31- Security restrictions are about the same as the imposed above. 
     34**Note:** *Mailgroup*'s support is not yet available. 
     37'''Don't forget to read [source:trunk/INSTALL.txt INSTALL.txt] for install instructions.''' 
     39== TODO == 
     40These are just stuff so I don't forget about them, it's by no means a full list of what needs to be done. 
     41 * Think about caching the ISPMan returned queries and how to set those to an invalid state if needed. 
     42 * Full i18n/l10n Support. 
     44== EXTRA, EXTRA == 
     45You can have a look at [/screenshots/ some screenshots] or you can [http://demo.ufsoft.org test the real thing]. 
     46 '''Username:''' `demo.ufsoft.org`[[BR]] 
     47 '''Password:''' `demo` 
     49You can change whatever you want within the [http://demo.ufsoft.org demo], but please do not change the domain password because that will stop others from testing ISPManCCP. 
     51One thing you should know, everyday the LDAP data is wiped out and re-added for security purposes. So, if someone actually changed the domain password, wait a day and the [http://demo.ufsoft.org demo] will be available again. 
     53== 0.2.x Development == 
     55`0.2.x` version will separate presentation with the backend calls which will be server by both SOAP and XML-RPC. 
     57There's some raw documentation [/docs here]. 
     61= ISPManCCP is Powered By = 
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